Garden Vegetables

Our Garden

Years ago when my Gedo (Grandfather) homesteaded the land that I grow most of our veggies on, he had to bring in beautiful top soil onto a sandy bed. Over 60 years later we have the perfect combination of black earth and sand. We are very lucky to have good moisture retention and a great deal of nutrients and minerals in our soil.

To ensure our soil stays healthy and pest-free without the use of chemicals, we rotate our crops through a cycle of fields on our land. We are committed to a pesticide-free, sustainable operation and thank your choice to support local food.

Time to get back to basics!

In growing this garden it is my sincere hope that people will get back to basics of canning and making their own pickles, pasta sauces etc. I would like to help supply you with the veggies that you will need when you are ready to put on your apron. I look forward to being a part of your canning adventure!

Storage Guidelines

Different vegetables are ready at different times throughout the growing season. Lettuce, dill, baby potatoes etc. are ready in July and root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, parsnips and onions are ready in September and October. Root vegetables can be ordered in bulk and stored in your cold room for the winter months.

Product Delivery

For your convenience, Mandy will work with you to get your product to your community (including Edmonton, Calgary, and Fort McMurray) and arrange transfer to you.