Free Range Poultry
Free Range Chicken and Turkeys

The birds at Meadow Creek Farms receive feed containing peas, flax, barley and a small amount of wheat. The feed is soya, canola and corn-free.

On our farm, the chickens and turkeys can indulge their natural instincts to scratch the dirt, bathe in the sun, and get lots of exercise. The texture and flavour of their meat is different than barn or cage-raised birds who are fed a high-protein diet containing additives.

Chickens are raised during the late spring and early summer, with the first delivery to customers taking place near the end of June. You will receive your chickens as frozen, whole birds between 6 - 8 lb. in size. If you would like your chickens cut up, you must pre-order so they can be cut up before freezing. An additional processing charge will apply. 

Turkeys are ready each fall and it is strongly recommended that you pre-order each fall/spring for the number of special occasion turkeys you will need for the year. This ensures availability. Finished birds are frozen whole and will be roughly 23-27 lbs in size. 

Page updated May 19, 2019

Our chickens enjoying the grass and fresh air at Meadow Creek Farms.

Getting our chicks settled in each year in May.