Pork Chops

Pan-browned Pork Chops From Mandy's Kitchen

Here's an easy way to prepare your free range pork chops.

- Thaw pork chops in the refrigerator (allow 24 hours)
- Sprinkle Garlic Powder and Salt on each side
- Fast Fry each side on high heat for 3 minutes until the fat has melted down
- Turn down heat to medium-low
- Ensure you have lots of water, lard or oil in the pan
- Continue cooking slowly until meat is no longer pink.


Option A: Mushroom Sauce
Take a can of mushroom soup, pour it in the pan with drippings, heat and stir for for 5-8 minutes before pouring on pork chops.
Option B: Creamy Dill Sauce
See Mandy's recipe for Creamy Dill Sauce.