Free Range Pork

Free Range Pork

At Meadow Creek Farms, our Free Range pork live outside year round in a traditional round bale shelter. Pigs are meant to root and explore and our environment keeps them healthy and happy. They also need good water and mud holes, both of which we provide and maintain.

Pigs are very social animals. By living in our straw bale house year round, they are able to be very free and have the sense of community they need.

Our free range pork are fed unsprayed barley and oats, and lots of greens. We take care to raise them in a very humane and healthy way, which in turn provides an excellent product to our customers. We raise Yorkshire, Landrace, and Duroc breeds.

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We have a variety of pork products available including chops, roasts, bacon, sausage and more.

Pork Cuts

Free Range Pork products (subject to availability) 

Bacon or Side Pork
Ribs for Sweet and Sour
Ribs for Rack
Ground Pork
Frying Sausage or Ground Pork
Soup Bones

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