2018 Partnership Program
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Farmers and Eaters Working Together

At Meadow Creek Farms, we partner with families who want to know that the meat they consume was raised humanely; that the vegetables they feed their children are free from pesticides. We operate on a Deposit Program that helps customers spread out the cost of their food and gives our small farm the capital to buy feed and seed and operate during the high season. Think of it as 
pre-ordering your amazing food and getting a jump on meal planning.

How does the food get to you?

We bring your products weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Slave Lake and Calgary depending on how much freezer space you have and the volume of orders. We work with you to fit your needs. Pork and eggs are available year-round, chickens are ready in June, garden vegetable harvest runs from July to September, and turkeys are ready in October.

How are we different from conventional farming?

Farmer Mandy raises hogs, chickens and turkeys slowly and with artisan practices and grows a wide range of garden vegetables that are organic and delicious. She raises her birds from 12 hours old and does not rush the finishing process, unlike conventional farming. Healthy birds grow slowly, spending as much time as possible outside in the sun and grass. We do not use antibiotics and hormones in our feed. Yellow Feet on a bird are the best indicator of a nutritionally healthy outdoor bird. If your family uses eggs, join our Adopt a Laying Hen program and estimate how many eggs you need each week. Hens lay about 6 eggs per week, so Mandy needs to get the right number of hens!

Farmer Mandy's hogs are raised outside at Pleasant Pork Headquarters for 6-8 months, depending on the weather. Hogs raised outside are a unique product with amazing flavor and nutritional value, and these animals have a beautiful life. Our bacon, sausages, chops and roasts are out of this world. Most families become addicted to our bacon. A hog only produces about 12 lb of bacon per hog. Becoming a partner ensures Mandy knows how many hogs to raise for your family!

How can you become part of our Farm Family?

We are building something more than just a food system. We’re building a community. Our customers share recipes, childcare, canning and more. Make convenient payments in advance, then redeem your credit for yummy food starting in August. Our small farm does not qualify for operating loans. Your deposit (plus sales of 2017 inventory) carries the farm through the expense-heavy spring/summer season where we pay for seed, feed, animals, labour, fuel and processing all before we have this year’s products ready to sell. 

Next steps

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The forms above let us know what your family enjoys eating, how much freezer space your have (delivery frequency) and whether you would like a Full Share or Half Share membership for the Season. Payment can be made in instalments from Feb-April by cash, cheque or e-transfer.

If membership is not an option for you financially, we would still love to be your farmer. Let us know which products you would like and how often you would like to see Mandy.

Thank you for considering becoming a part of our Farm Family.

Yours in good food,
Meadow Creek Farms
RR 1 Waskatenau, Alberta