We’re so happy that you’re looking for local, sustainable food in Alberta and that you found us! At Meadow Creek Farms, our Protein Program includes Chickens, Turkeys and Pork raised outside with natural feed. In our Organic Vegetable Operation, we raise a variety of healthy veggies including potatoes, dill, cucumbers, field tomatoes, beets, squash, onions, garlic, peas, beans, rhubarb and raspberries.

With regular deliveries to Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Slave Lake, Jasper and Calgary, we make it easy to incorporate delicious, local food into your family's meals. Give us a try. We'd love to be your farmer!

- Mandy Melnyk, Owner/Farmer

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NEW VIDEO   August 2018

Learn how Mandy protects the soil, builds a community of local food and provides rewarding jobs for people in Alberta.

News and Updates

Nutritious Bone Broth available

We're excited to announce that we've become a trusted supplier to Borderland Food Company. Meadow Creek Farms' organic, free range chicken bones will be used in their nutritious bone broth products. Bone broth is rich in amino acids, collagen, gelatin, glucosamine, electrolytes, calcium and other minerals and nutrients. Check out the full range of products on their website.


2018 Deposit Program Membership Now Open

What is our Deposit Program? (formerly CSA)

We partner with families who want to know where their food comes from. We do our part by growing you healthy, delicious food that is organic and humanely raised. You do your part by helping with the upfront costs of growing your food. Make convenient payments in advance, then redeem for yummy food throughout the growing season.

Download the 2018 Deposit Program form for more details.

2018 Garlic Fundraiser

Beautiful Alberta-grown garlic with 25% profit to your school or organization.

Fundraiser Details

A Letter From Mandy

My Dear Friends and Supporters,

I want to take a moment to write to you. As an independent local farmer, it is important to me to share with you the story behind getting your food to your fork.

I founded Meadow Creek Farms in 2011 because I’m passionate about food and committed to supplying my customers the best quality of vegetables and meat products available. We use no pesticides on our crops, nor any hormones or steroids in our meat products. Operating a farm using humane and sustainable practices takes a lot of work but it’s worth it knowing that we’re producing food that is healthier for people in a way that is healthier for our planet....Read More

Organic Soil Now for SALE

Meadow Creeks Farms' organic soil is now available for purchase in our Store.

Take some home today and take your garden to the next level!

Edmonton Delivery Location

- Kingsway straight west of the Shopper's Drug Mart, facing the Tim Horton's sign
- High Level Diner (occasionally)

Please follow the text and email notifications for location times and changes. Current information will always be on the Delivery Calendar on the website.

Fort McMurray Location

See the Delivery Calendar for the most current information

Slave Lake Location

Healthy Treasures Health Food Store - 2 NW Ave, Slave Lake
Last Thursday of every month.

Calgary Location

1204 29th St. NW

Delivery Dates based on number of orders received. Please sign up for newsletter for regular updates and follow the delivery calendar

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Do you have a favorite restaurant, caterer or retailer in Alberta? Would you like to see these establishments serving Meadow Creek Farms pork, chicken, turkey and veggies? Let us know.
We greatly value your feedback and suggestions.


These amazing retailers, restaurants & chefs are proudly serving Meadow Creek Farms products:



"If you're happy with your products, please tell many. If you're not happy, please tell Mandy!"

Meadow Creek Farms is committed to ensuring our loyal customers are happy, valued and completely satisfied. If any product falls short of your expectations, please contact Mandy immediately and she will work to make it right.

Meadow Creek Farms Family of Friends

Over the years we have all grown together, through wet years, dry years, one challenge or another. Together we have become friends, always looking out for eachother. Words can not express the appreciation that Mandy and Meadow Creek Farms has for the continued support, commitment, respect and friendship of all our valued and treasured customers, team mates and friends.
Thank you so very much.

"The Earth says much to those who will listen"
"May wisdom guide you and hope sustain you"


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